Today I read this – I wanted to share it with you!  


I have a very similar story to this.   Do you?  For me I didn’t lose a child.  I lost hope and a dream that I so incredibly wanted and desired.  


For years I wondered why it was harder to stand back up and live life again.  This reading explains it beautifully!


In 1998, I had a dream of creating a healthier life for myself.  I was indeed invigorated by the task and stepped into it with energy and gusto.  


Within 7 years, I had reclaimed my own education, was educating others in the arts and in the process of buying my first property.  


I had no idea that getting up from my grief after my second IVF treatment was going to take so so much more of me.  


Do you relate?


Quote by Melody Beattie in More Language of Letting Go


There’s nothing against you to fall down flat

But to lie there – that’s disgrace.  Edmund Vance Cooke


‘Sometimes the problem isn’t that we don’t believe we can.  The problem is that we don’t want to do it, whatever the current task or challenge is.


When I began my writing and recovery, I wanted to do these things.  The challenge was invigorating.  I wanted to get back up.  I wanted to push ahead.  I wanted to get into the game.


When my son Shane died, I didn’t want to get up.


I didn’t want the challenge. It wasn’t invigorating.  I didn’t want the loss, and I didn’t want to heal from my grief.


One day in those painful, awful early years of grief, a friend stopped by the house.  I had known him for a long time.  He had suffered a permanent loss, too – the use of his leg muscles from a form of polio he had suffered during his teenage years.


People hadn’t known what to do with me back then.  They had watched me flounder in my grief.  They had tried to be compassionate, and that was good.  But right now compassion wasn’t exactly what I needed to hear.


“You’ve got to get up’ my friend,” said in a loud voice.  You’ve got to get back up on your feet again.  Stand up to life.”


Sometimes life’s problems and challenges are invigorating.  Sometimes they’re not.  But no matter what we get hit with, we need to get up again.


Let yourself grief. Let yourself become enraged over your losses, if you must.  Then, whether you want the loss or not, get back up again.  You don’t have to want to; you don’t even have to believe you can. Sometimes all we need to do is be open to wanting to and then believe we can.


[Universe], help me believe in life.’ 


If you need support in standing up again, Empowered Childlessness is here.  


I know how hard it can be.  


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This program is not counselling or group therapy.  


If you feel you need to speak to someone, I offer one to one grief counselling, which I incorporate the arts into our sessions, if it is appropriate.  


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Sending you much love and kindnesswherever you are on your journey.