Do you find being true to yourself challenging?


OMG, I have and at times still do. Yep … I think that it is a human trait and one that has kept us safe in the past.


I found it really hard to really let someone know how difficult it was for me when I became officially childless. The words did not really carry the emotion I felt inside.


This is because it was so hard for me to sit with how I was truly feeling. When I was around others or even spoke to them I would come away feeling that I wasn’t heard or really seen. This just mirrored what I was doing to myself, which was even more painful, as the messages I carried inside were ‘I was less than’ and ‘not worthy enough to sit and be listened too.’


Painful right!


So if this is you right now.


∞ PAUSE and BREATHE!!!!!


This is Sovereignty and Self-Governing.


The truth was, I felt ashamed and so very sad of being childless 5+ years ago. I felt ashamed of my emotions – I minimised and shamed them. I shamed myself as you can see from the messages above. It gets a bit complicated, as these messages didn’t originally come from me, but I still believed them.

So until I faced those messages and emotions, most people could not really give me what I needed, which was empathy and understanding. Though more importantly, a way that I could connect to myself and how I was feeling.


∞ SO STOP for a moment and breathe here while you are reading this post.


∞ Stop and connect to your breath.


∞ Stop, breathe and listen. Listen to your truth. It may be challenging – yes or it may be centring.


What are you saying to yourself?


This is your truth right here, right now. You may not like it!


This morning I did not like the truth inside me, it was really uncomfortable.


I felt panic and my mind was all over the place. A part of me was telling me lots of things that I did not want to hear. It was telling me to panic and run around panicking and let everyone else know that I am panicking.


So I listened, really listened, wrote and drew.


It helped me to see what I was seeing as my truth. I felt heard – really heard. From there I could make decisions, seeing what was true and what was not.


This is empowerment.


My truth today.


Though I sit with discomfort and untruths I embrace them with love and compassion. I do not push myself away. I embrace what there is to be seen and let go what is not true.


Taking this action keeps me turning up here daily.


∞ What is your truth today?

∞ How do you feel?

∞ Whether negative or positive – it is worth listening too.


Don’t forget there is no good or bad, right or wrong. It is all a discovery and a journey we choose to live on a daily basis.


Be kind, allow yourself to speak your truth to you!


Wish much love and compassion