Group Programs and Workshops

The Empowered Childlessness Method 


Cosmic Smash Booking. 

Every 3 – 4 months I run a Weekend Workshop and either a 40 days or 90 day Program. 

Each workshop and program has its own very different essence and subject matter, I believe that this creative work has it’s very own intelligence and I completely trust the process. 

The work is always for the Empowered Childlessness community, whether from loss, circumstance or choice.


We start on the full Moon 

1st October – 2hrs – 7pm UK, 8pm Italy, 11 PT, 1pm ET  

                 2nd October – 2hrs – 7pm UK (as above)

                3rd October – 3 hrs  – 4pm UK, 5pm Italy, 8am PT, 10ET 

                4th October – 2 hrs – 4pm UK (as above)
 All sessions will be recorded  

 No Creative Experience is Necessary 



A cheap Journal or Composition Book  

(ideally stitched together like an exercise book)
A piece of paper or card large enough to cover the whole book
a pen
colours – pencils or pens
watercolours – cheap ones
Red wool or thread
5 ribbons
oil pastels optional
Your favourite beverage
a candle (optional)

Your Investment:

Time – 9hrs

 Cost valued at £125 / $160

 As a special offer for this week, I am giving this to you for

 £35 / $45  

(from Friday 25th Oct is will cost: £47 / $60) SAVE NOW

For ask any questions don’t hesitate to contact me on