Claim Your Free Gift

Grab yourself a cup of your favourite beverage and carve out 1hr for yourself to honour where you are as an incredible and magnificent human being on your journey as a person without children.  

I created this workshop for those who want a creative and safe space to rest all their emotions, thoughts and opinions onto a page.  First with writing, then with colour and finally using image and collage.  

Mothering Sunday can trigger so many emotions and whether it’s Mother’s Day now or you are just feeling triggered.  This process can support you, process those challenging feelings that need to be seen and heard together with helping you calm your nervous system.   

It is also an opportunity to see how I work and some of the processes I use. 

If you are feeling stressed, sad, alone, angry, enrage, jealous, hurt, agitated, unsure and grief-stricken. This Workshop will help you process these feelings!

Let me reassure you, you do not have to be creative to benefit from this free gift, I will be guiding you throughout the workshop.