Recognising our hurt and wounded selves can be pretty mind-blowing, let alone body blowing!

For years I did not know how to deal with triggers and my overwhelming feelings.

At first, I thought that I just needed to get on, work harder and do more. Life is just like this.

After a little therapy I understood why I felt the way I did.

Then I completely felt justified for how I felt and behaving the way I did.

Yet, after a while I felt ashamed and out of control.

My reactions were so powerful.

I first thought I needed to stop the reaction and my feelings.

Well that was not the answer and did not work. This led to depression and anxiety.

I then learnt I needed to express them and give them a voice.

And so I did, with friends, work and family, but unfortunately that turned into hurt, fights and unresolved complications (I was on the right track though).

So back to the drawing board I went.

I tried giving them some space (my feelings that is) by giving them a voice, a colour/s, words, then noticing their sensations in my body.

This was a process that took some time and interplayed between me and a trusted other.

I needed to allow the heat to settle within me before moving toward communicating to others.

I definitely needed to let go of negativity, unworthiness and any shame.

I then also needed to take responsibility for my behaviour and actions.

I have to say that I could not have done this without a spiritual connection (I know – a bit woowoo – but that’s what has helped me).

I am telling you this because Christmas is heading our way and the season of triggers.

Be gentle dear ones, as much as you can!

Face your triggers gently, yet with commitment to understand yourself, slowly and with great compassion.

Don’t forget there is much healing and information our bodies and emotions are telling us.

It takes time, but it also only takes one action at a time.

Be very gentle, patient and tolerant with yourself.

Communicate with a gentle and loving other.

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Hey guys I am feeling …..


This happened today and I feel …..

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Creativity really helps to move the pain outside our bodies.

So if you feel confident or have been on one of my workshops – share a drawing of that feeling. (don’t forget to share whether you want feedback or not)

This is why I trained as an Arts Counsellor, because it truly helps.

It brings so much support, grounding and transformation!

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Lots of love


Founder of Empowered Childlessness