Sam Neffendorf

How To Balance Emotions and Feel Better
With EFT Tapping

Please note that you need to take full responsibility for your physical and emotional health while using tapping for self-help. The techniques that we are using are experimental and while they are usually very gentle and many people appear to have experienced excellent results, it is not possible to know in advance how an individual will respond. Tapping techniques may bring old memories and emotional responses to the surface and this can feel very powerful. As with all practices, whether complementary or normal medical/psychological, results can never be guaranteed. You are not recommended to ignore any medical advice and your primary care giver is always your GP.

Free Gift

Tapping For Self-Help Course – 
A video course showing you how to use simple tapping techniques to release difficult emotions from the present, and the limiting effects on your life from past events. Plus how to find the gold in your negative thoughts and use them to take action and transform your life.

The free gift includes the following video modules:
EFT Tapping Basics
How to clear difficult feelings
How to explore and resolve emotional attachment to old memories
Quickly find the “hidden” memories that you aren’t even aware are keeping you stuck!
The Power of Negative Thinking – How to transform negative thoughts into positive action

Sam Neffendorf breaks people out of the life-long trances, behaviour patterns and beliefs that are keeping them sick, skint and stuck.

As a META-Health Coach, EFT Trainer and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, he inspires people to stand up for themselves, reach new levels of health and realise their potential to have an amazing life.

Tapping and Energy Psychology techniques enabled him to escape corporate life and create an international holistic practice that he loves.

He now lives in a beautiful part of Spain and hosts exciting retreats, as well as working online with people worldwide, both individually and in groups.

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