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Promotional Period September 11th, 2019 – September 22nd, 2019

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Subject lines:

  1. “Are you childless? (or know someone who is)”
  2. “Don’t have kids?”
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[Expert to share personal story of their experience with childlessness/why joined event]

Have you found yourself unexpectedly living a life childfree?
Are you feeling disappointed, lost or grief stricken and your not sure how to move forward?
Has your grief diminished, but still you feel blocked?

Then I invite you to join us for Empowered Childlessness – a FREE online retreat that will help you feel more joy, vitality and freedom. 

We’re starting a movement.

I’ll be joined by a panel of experts sharing tools you can use to embrace your child free journey and release what’s holding you back from living your best life right now.

And the best part is it’s FREE! 

Sign up here now. <link to sign up>

 This retreat is for you if you are childless and …

  • You’re ready to let go of any shame, guilt and blame 
  • You’re ready to accept yourself and your journey wholeheartedly
  • You want to know how to grieve and honour your loss
  • You’re ready to let go and move forward


  • Finally letting go of the resentment, guilt or shame
  • Spending restful and rejuvenating time listening to yourself and others – who understand what you’re going through
  • Releasing what’s been holding you back 
  • Connecting to the wise part of yourself who knows which direction to take and the action that need to be taken next 

Sign up here now. <link to sign up>

Whether you’re childless out of circumstance, from choice or loss there is love, compassion and support for you. We’re supporting one another, defying the stereotypes of childlessness, and owning our journey.

See you there!

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P.S. You may not be childless, but if you know someone who is please forward this email to her. THIS might be just what they needs! (add your link)

“I will never ‘get over’ not having a family (it’s not the flu), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t build a new life.” 
― Jody Day



Facebook #1
Curious how some childless women and men are thriving? If you’ve found yourself child free and would like support to move forward, join me for a FREE online retreat that will show you how to feel powerful, joyous and free. Renowned experts and thought leaders will show you how to live your best life at any age. Join me! (Insert link here)

Facebook Post #2 
Are you childfree and want to embrace your journey, release what’s holding you back and reconnect to your happiness? Imagine having access to experts who will show you new ways to do just that. It’s available to you now and it’s FREE. Join me! (Insert link here)

Facebook Post #3 
Are you a woman or man who has lost your dream to have children? Do you want to learn how to release old and worn out beliefs, doubts and emotions? 
Ready to connect to a wise part of yourself who knows which direction to take and the action that needs to be taken NOW?  
A renowned group of experts and thought leaders are coming together to help us do just that. It’s FREE! Come join the movement (Insert link here)

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