Krystal Alexander-Hille
Reclaiming Radiance: Reconnect to your
Joy, Vitality and Freedom
Free Gift

S3xual Initiation Ceremony –
It is a guided journey into ancient cultures where sexual initiation into womanhood was an important and integral rite of passage that was celebrated in the life of a young woman.  You will be able to:  Recalibrate and heal shame Rediscover sexual innocence and sexual power Reclaim your pleasure in a new, sovereign and passionate way that you may not have had access to before.

Krystal Alexander-Hille is an international channel of the divine feminine, author, speaker, mentor and workshop facilitator who has guided conscious beings for the past ten years to drop into alignment with their feminine flow, soul purpose and sexual freedom. 

Originally from Germany, now living in Australia, Krystal is trained as a Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Tantra Teacher and Reiki Master. She combines her life-experience, cosmic awareness and training into powerfully transformative sessions including past-life regressions, inner child work, DNA and Quantum Level Recallibrations, workshops and online courses.

She is the Founder of Goddess Reawakening and the Temple of Conscious Eroticism.


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