6 Week Program – Starts Monday 13th January

Here’s what’s included:


 Empowered Childlessness Method

1 x Weekly Creative Healing Sessions
Finally heal the story that something is wrong with you and move forward. We will use creativity to open your heart and in so doing you will start to see new possibilities (valued at $600)


Live Weekly Connection Sessions
Once a week we’ll connect live to keep you moving on your journey. Sometimes you may get stuck, this weekly support will keep you moving in momentum, gently and at your own pace. (valued at $600)


Weekly Dive Deeper Process
Receive emails, which support you to connect gently to your intuition and emotions. Let your subconscious lead the way forward. Making space for what you want to birth and create next (Valued at $200)


Empowered Childlessness stepping into action – Private Facebook Group
Sometimes the hardest thing on this journey is feeling alone. When things come up throughout the week, connect with others in the private group. I will be in the Facebook group checking in – you will not be alone.


*** + BONUS ***


1-2-1 Heart Connection Call: At the end of the program, you will sit down with me to review the next steps for you and create an action play to keep going! ($125)


Receive all 22 videos from EMPOWERED CHILDLESSNESS ONLINE RETREAT! You’ll be able to access inspiration and guidance from phenomenal speakers whenever you need it! Invaluable.


CREATE JOY: includes over $1525 worth of value


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You get 6 weeks of support, encouragement and hand-holding from ME – an Empowered Childless Woman, I’ve walked this path forward and continue my journey with love and kindness. I have 25 years of personal growth, 15 years as a Teacher and Counsellor combined in the Healing / Therapeutic Arts. I am incredibly empathic, and I believe in you, I know you can embrace this journey, release what’s holding you back and reconnect to your joy, vitality and freedom now. 100%!!

Imagine at the end of 6 weeks feeling more connected, free and JoYFul in your life.


CREATE JOY: includes over $1525 worth of value

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Helen Segal

Helping childless men and women feel peace and find meaning in their lives through online programs, one to one work and in person retreats.

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