Boni Lonnsburry

How to Find Peace, Power and Fulfillment
Childless or Not

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25 Beliefs About Being Childless That May Be Stealing Your Joy (and how to change them!) –
We have beliefs about everything.  Regardless of if you’re childless by choice or by chance, there are some inherent beliefs that may be present.  Learn to adjust some of the beliefs that may be holding you back from a joyous, fulfilling, and beautiful life!

Boni Lonnsburry is the founder of Creation School, the Chief Visionary Officer of Inner Art Inc., an expert on conscious creation, and the author of five best-selling books, including The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True, and The Map to Abundance: The No Exceptions Guide to Creating Money, Success, & Bliss. Between them, the two books have won 15 book awards, including the prestigious Nautilus Award.

By applying the Universal Law of Attraction to her own life she transformed poverty, loneliness and despair to abundance, love and joy. Learn more at

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